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    I assume you know that the Being Abraham and David were called friends of was the Word who would become Jesus the Christ, not God the Father. A friendship with the Father while we are yet carnal is not possible until we are born of the Spirit and He comes down with the New Jerusalem to dwell with us. Until then, He has provided His Son and His Spirit to help us and the most we should hope for and seek is a close personal relationship with His Son, Jesus who stated “If you’ve seen me you’ve seen the Father!”

  • vince thompson
    Not only the world, but the Church needs Godly leadership at all levels! Men who are not afraid to pursue the will of God for the Body of Christ without concern for what other's reaction may be! Acts 5:29
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    Great message! I am especially pleased you added that in addition to sometimes having to flee abusive husbands, employers and civil governments, you must even sometimes flee abusive pastors of God's Church. That took courage to say and Laura and I appreciate the truth in that. Keep up the good work! We miss both you and Kim.
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    May I suggest a third message would be helpful covering in detail the authority given to the Church with a clearer delineation between the authority and responsibility given by God to His shepherds and that given the membership or called out ones. This would include specifically analyzing how the hierarchical system of government used in most COG's today is supported scripturally and why the instructions in Matt 18:17 and 1Tim 5:20 have been modified and/or ignored by virtually all the COG's including United. Also, examining whether transparency is important in the Church decision making process, especially when extra Biblical procedures are employed to settle disputes. In addition, you may include whether 1Tim 5:19 exempts Elders from the application of Matt 18:16 unless the witnesses selected actually witnessed the accusation being brought. Thanks and keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to reading your new book. Laura just ordered three copies. :=)
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    Your efforts are appreciated and I agree that self examination is a prerequisite to seeking unity within the Body of Christ, however, as you mentioned in removing the plank from your own eye, we are to reach out to our brothers in Christ not necessarily in correction but in love. As you quoted Christ's prayer asking the Father to make us one as They are one, you seem to indicate that we should not seek unity with each other until we have obtained unity of mind with God and Christ. While I agree we must always be humbly seeking unity with God, achieving this should not preclude us from reaching out to all parts of the Body of Christ, striving to eliminate discord and division where ever we can, both individually and organizationally. The divisions present today within the Body of Christ are not only an abomination to God but, understanding the point of Christ's prayer, an impediment to the world accepting Christ as the Son of God. This should motivate all Christians and organizations thereof to reject the comfort of the status quo. True unity as you prescribe in this message seems to be something we can't seek until we've obtained it with God and Christ. I disagree. vince t.
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    Well said Darris!
    Using a football game analogy to where we are in this country is interesting. Instead of halftime though, I’d say it’s more like the two minute warning and we are multiple scores behind with the entire starting lineup of our team seriously injured, the rest drunk or on drugs, the coaching staff suffering with a sudden case of amnesia, and only the water boy realizing what a precarious position we are in. With all this, the chance of us as a nation pulling out of the nosedive we are in is very poor.
    The best preparation for the difficult times ahead is cultivating a close relationship with God. Sorry Clint, pulling together without Him is useless.