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    Another option is the Amplified version, it is a word for word translation with the added feature of using multible ways to express the original meaning. Many words or thoughts do not translate freely from one language such as Hebrew to English, the Amplified then uses multible English words in order to try to express the original languages meaning. I have and love an Amplified and KJV paralel Bible in bigger print.
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    The Bible is very clear that there is only One God, not 2, 3 or 4 or any other number.
    Jesus is God Who became a human and also came to this earth, so is the Holy Spirit and the Father, plus the Angel of the Lord. Very simply they are all the same Person. God alone has the ability to be in different places at the same time in His total Person, not as fragments of Himself, he also has different identities but all the same person.