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  • williamkeith
    Is this an old podcast? You mentioned the Webb telescope being launched in 2 years. It has been launched and is on its way.
  • williamkeith
    Your study contains a number of errors. For example you say Satan is led away and never returns. That is not correct. Rev 20 clearly says after the thousand years he is loosed for a season and deceives a great number of people. Also, the book of Enoch was never part of the bible. You are confusing it with the apocrapha. Anyone familiar with the scriptures will perceive that the book of Enoch is not inspired. Someone assumed that Peter and Jude were quoting a book when they mentioned something Enoch said and made up a book called Enoch. It contradicts a number of scriptures and has a ludicrous perception of reality. For example, it says that the angels built Noah's ark(67:2) and the sun and moon are the same size(72:37 and 78:3). It says the year only has 364 days(82:6) and that one month has 28 days(78:9) which didn't come into being until the Roman calendar. The book is obviously a fraud. Also, it is full of astrology. Finally, anyone who believes the 106th chapter is seriously deficient in the ability of discriminating the truth since it is more ridiculous than some of the passages in the epic of Gilgamesh.
  • williamkeith

    The author shows his ignorance of biblical language by inventing a nickname Bart. The man's name is Timaeus. Bar means "son of".