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    It is true that Darby popularised a Pretrib Rapture of the Church, but that is only part of the history behind the false hope/doctrine. Back when the reformation started to become very popular, a Catholic priest, concerned about they being identified as the Beast, by these breakaway Christians, created the Jesuits; aka, The Order of Jesus. Their main purpose was to destroy all Jews and Protestant Christians. It was a Jesuit by the last name of Riberra who began working on the millennialism. After he died, Jesuit LaCunza completed his work that included the pretib rapture teaching. He published his book under a false identity of a supposed converted Jewish Rabbi by the name of Rabbi Ben Ezra. Many years passed, when a Scottish minister by the name of Perkins found the ancient book and translated it into English and fell in love with the new and improved Rapture teaching. The Moravian Brotherhood fell under his teaching and incorporated it fully into their teachings. Darby was invited to study with them and also accepted the pretib rapture as gospel. Being a prolific writer, he soon had Spurgeon, Moody, Schofield and many more teaching a Pretrib Rapture of the Church

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    Greetings. The Last Trump refers to the series of Trumpets being blown in Revelation. Notice that the last Trumpet is number 7 and it initiates the 7 bowls OF GOD'S WRATH. It is somewhere in this final destruction of the earth that those WHO HAVE DIED (Their dead bodies) and THOSE WHO REMAINED (alive in their fallen flesh) during the previous 6 trumpets are finally going to be united with Christ who returns with the spirits of the saints. The TWO WITNESSES are The OLD TESTAMENT SAINTS and the NEW TESTAMENT SAINTS.