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  • need to know
    I can't get the transcript to come up. "why do people have trouble with the fourth commandment".
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    Didn't God say " give Caesar his due" when in his domain? What about people that have to work on the Sabbath? Have you got a new job for me? Since this is the Devil's domain currently, and he makes the rules, aren't we supposed to abide by those that allow us to continue follow God's path to righteousness ( by continuing to LIVE and seek His kingdom)?
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    I really don't understand the big deal you're making of this. We know that the Bible says that many, many will not seek the Lord, nor stay of be true to His laws, commandments, precepts, and many other admonitions that He says we need to adhere to to get into His kingdom. He also says that we should not judge; "judge not lest ye be judged". So, if these people want to seal their fate by disobeying God, let them. When He breaks out the Book and they're not in it who will be their mouthpieces and lawyer them into the promised land? You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. So let them have Satan's kool aid and die of thirst.

  • need to know

    Maybe I'm misguided. Paul said not to be deceived. Doesn't/didn't that mean that you must know something of the truth and then have it's foundation shaken within you so that you then come to believe something that is divergent from the truth that you know or knew? How can you fall away/depart from something you never knew before you "fell" away? Isn't that like saying that I jump off of a cliff trying to fly never knowing that humans can't fly in and of their own abilities? Isn't Paul talking about true Christians (not confessing ones) that know the truth and then through some weakness "fall" for the Antichrists bull? The people who don't know Christ won't need to be deceived. They don't need to be tricked into giving up the promise. They've never taken hold of it in the first place. Just my thought process.