Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People

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    Helen, you rashly judge that Dorothy is moved by hate. Her comments are fair. The article does not fault Trump for mishandling the pandemic but targets others for blame. This is like praising Trump. Yet we know that Trump initially dismissed or downplayed the pandemic, called it propaganda by the Democrats, discouraged mask wearing and lockdowns, all of which led to a catastrophic worsening.

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    I think there is a difference between photo album pictures and statues put in church to which people bow down and venerate. Now even if you are absolutely sure that you aren't worshipping the object, how sure are you that other people also aren't? Maybe that is why we read that the bronze snake that was part of the temple artifacts was destroyed as some worshipped it. It's better to play safe and rid such objects. Also if godly people of the Old testament and early church didn't use such objects and did just fine why should we need them today?
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    You only state transactions between private individuals as biblical. But we also have the public sector where society as a whole buys./produces things via taxes eg development of the internet, provision of roads, NASA, army, vaccination, courts. By your argument these things are bad and unbiblical since they are not free enterprise. This is absurd considering how important these things are!

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    The people of Israel were not asking for socialism! They were asking to have a human king preside over them rather than God! They got it through starting with Saul, David, Solomon etc. Where does it say they were asking for socialism instead of sticking with capitalism?

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    This a big error. Christian truth is NOT about capitalism VS socialism. These are worldly solutions which only work partially. In God's kingdom, things will be perfect and freedom will be attained not because of capitalism or socialism. The writer does not seem to be aware that a, degree of socialism is accepted in all countries since there are all mixed ecomomies. This, shows that even capitalism isn't perfect and so needs to be supplemented with some degree of socialism. Even so, even the mix isn't perfect and no wonder we have to wait for something better in God's coming kingdom. Please don't confuse human solutions (capitalism, socialism etc) with God's solutions even if some of them appear attractive. For example, using donkeys or a truck are both man's solutions for transport problem. Using a truck is more effective but doesnt mean it's God's solution. It is also imperfect to something God will usher in later. Same with government and economic systems.

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    the deception may've captured even we Christians eg false claimed equivalency of Christianity and capitalism or democracy. Both are merely human prescriptions not be confused with God's system which is yet to come. Christians similarly contrast Christianity and socialism. Truth is Christianity shares some elements with both socialism and capitalism but should nt be confused with either.
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    This article singles out liberals for fake news and ignores conservatives who are equally guilty.

    This is unfortunate because God is no respecter of political sides .

    Shouldn't we resist conflating our politics with the biblical faith?

    At the end of the day neither conservative nor the liberal governments are godly ; only the church is because only she receives the Holy Spirit.

    This error makes many people mistakenly think of a government, as many do with the Trump government for example, as a godly revival.

    However contrary to the Israel of old where people could look to the king and his government for godly direction ( incidentally even more than they looked to the priest) , in the modern state we look to the church .
    This is clear as our kings and presidents can now come from any religion or none. It would be tragic for us to look to such figures for spiritual progress.

    In Paul's day, the Emperors were as pagan and as unchristian as you can get yet the church were such a shining example since they depended only on God without ever looking to the state or seeking its influence.