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  • Onlyonetruth
    I also read the article that was posted in 2011 saying that the bible has proof that Jesus was not born on December 25th. I do not want offend anyone but that date was selected for pagan reasons and beliefs as well as 'Easter". If you believe in the gifts in the Holy spirit then you know of the gift of hearing God's voice. Someone close to me has that gift and during a prayer time a long time ago i asked Jesus Himself when he was born and when he died and was resurrected because i did not want to acknowledge the lies that pagans have corrupted our christian community with. I feel the need to share this correct the misinformation that is out there. You must realize we were talking to Jesus Christ our Saviour, we asked him and there is no denying this. Jesus told us around the beginning of August was the date of His birth and the latter part of August is when He died and was resurrected. The exact date was not given because the pagans also changed our calendar over the years so we can't really get an exact date. nor is it necessary. Jesus appreciates our acknowledgement and praise. If your still not sure just ask Jesus yourself, He's right there with you. Alleluia!!