In the News: A Seal's Amazing Whiskers

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A Seal's Amazing Whiskers

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Researchers in Germany have discovered that seals are able to detect prey by following the invisible trails left by fish in the water. Even in low visibility and murky water, seals use their whiskers as a locating device, picking up movement in the wake of prey up to 35 seconds after the fish have passed by.

Experts believe that all seals, and likely sea lions, share this ability. The role whiskers play in hunting is comparable to echolocation used by dolphins and whales. Seals may also use their whiskers to tell the size of the fish and speed at which their prey is traveling (Richard Gray, "Seals Can Detect Underwater Wakes Left Behind by Fish,", June 20, 2010).

The creatures He designed are brilliant in their complexity, and their God-installed instincts are astounding.