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America's Morality Measured

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Where does America stand morally? Recent research done by the Pew Research Center finds that adultery is wrong to 88 percent of American respondents, 79 percent think it is wrong to cheat on taxes, 61 percent disapprove of drunkenness, 52 percent feel abortion is wrong, and 50 percent disapprove of homosexual conduct. These numbers reflect both the good and the bad in American society. The good, according to an article in Family Facts, is that despite nearly a half century of sexual revolution promoted by the media and popular culture, a majority of Americans still holds to the Judeo-Christian ethic outlined by the Ten Commandments. Indeed, Harvard's Institute of Politics released findings of a poll in which 70 percent of college students said that religion is "somewhat" or "very important" in their lives and 25 percent responded that they have become "more spiritual" in college ("Morality and Religion," Louisiana Family Forum, June 6). The bad news is that America is missing the benefits of a full application of the Ten Commandments and the blessings, physical and spiritual, that result from obeying God. God's laws are still applicable and still fundamental to a healthy life. For more information, request or download The Ten Commandments (