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Catch the Rhythm!

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As recent research at Northwestern University in Illinois reveals, each organ has cells with genes that act as clocks, determining what processes function when. Disturbing the 24-hour circadian rhythms of those clocks can result in organ dysfunction and may lead to weight gain, depression, digestive upset and other maladies.

According to the researchers, the brain is like an orchestra leader that keeps all the clocks in various organs in sync. When the brain and organs fall out of sync, health declines. Experts believe that knowledge of body timing, when to take medications, when to eat, may lead to new ways of treating illnesses ("How Your Schedule Can Help (or Hurt) Your Health," The Wall Street Journal [], March 29, 2011).

In the meantime, get adequate rest every night, and develop a sleep schedule where you go to bed and rise at the same time each night and morning, seven days a week.