In the News: Cool Isn't Cool Anymore

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Cool Isn't Cool Anymore

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The classic rebel, the archetype of "coolness" is no longer the reigning champ in the world of cool. Coolness is now defined by socially desirable characteristics like friendliness, appealing appearance and industriousness. Researchers at the University of British Columbia found that those surveyed came up with two types of coolness. First, there's the well-adjusted, friendly cool person and, second, the classic rebel. Coolness is more dependent on what people like, as opposed to a marginalized person seeking protection by remaining aloof (Scott Deveau, "Not Cool, Man: Classic Definition No Longer Applies," Toronto Globe and Mail and The Columbus Dispatch, May 17). The real test? If a behavior, appearance or attitude reflects God's laws, it's cool—because who better than our Maker to set the standards?