In the News: Met a 13-Year-Old College Graduate Lately?

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Met a 13-Year-Old College Graduate Lately?

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Gregory Robert Smith graduated from high school at 9 and graduated from Randolf-Macon College with a B.A. in mathematics on May 31, 2003, at age 13. He also founded an international youth advocacy organization when he was 9 and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, twice. His International Youth Advocates Web site,, carries the tag line, “Youth Helping Youth.” (Photo by Alexa Welch Edlund, Richmond-Times Dispatch)

Now that he has his B.A., Greg plans to attend graduate school and earn Ph.D.s in math, aerospace engineering, political science and biomedical engineering. Greg “has boundless curiosity, a tremendous sense of values… and great motivation,” said his mentor, psychology professor Michael Wessells.

Greg’s unique skills make him the center of much attention, and sometimes threats. He received his first threatening note when he was 8, and at college an adult is always by his side—often a campus security officer. Still, his mother, Janet Smith, says Greg is doing what makes him happy—advanced learning, and playing sports with children his age (Associated Press, April 20, 2003).

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