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Social Networking Don'ts

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As companies like Facebook and Twitter continue to try to figure out who owns all the information and images that people share, there are some things that just don't need to be online.

A recent article by Kathy Kristof gives the following six items that should never appear on your Facebook page or Twitter feed ("6 Things Never to Post on Facebook,", June 23, 2010):

1. Birth date and birthplace — Day is okay, but year and place too is an I.D. theft freebie.

2. Vacation plans — Thieves live for this kind of knowledge.

3. Home address — Don't make it too easy for people to find you.

4. Confessions — This excess information could get you fired or lose you friends.

5. Password clues — mother's maiden name, birth city, etc. Don't make it easy for potential identity thieves to gather this information by posting it in your profile.

6. Risky behavior — If you are an intentionally reckless driver and brag about it, you could end up with a higher insurance premium. Insurance companies search for these types of details.