In the News...A New Species, the Pig-Worm?

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In the News...A New Species, the Pig-Worm?

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What's wrong with this picture: a pig wallows in its sty while sporting the latest in worm genes? The experts claim that splicing an omega-3 fat producing gene from the roundworm C. elegans into pigs will produce a meat that will make pork eaters healthier.

Once these pigs, which will be produced by cloning, are perfected, researchers plan to move on to chickens and cows using the technique developed by Dr. Jing Kang of the Harvard Medical School (Paul Elias, "Geneticists Try to Make Bacon as Healthful as Salmon," Associated Press, March 26).

Pork is a forbidden meat according to the Bible. It simply was not created to be consumed by human beings. Pigs are one of God's natural garbage disposals, and their internal structure is such that they eat and digest all manner of rubbish, after which those wastes are stored in their flesh. Whoever eats the meat then gets an unhealthy dose of toxins.

Attempting to manipulate the genetic material that God created by splicing the genes of one plant or animal into another is stepping into dangerous territory. There is a reason God is the Creator and we are not. He knows more about it than we do!

To obey God's laws regarding clean and unclean meats and to stay in good health, it is important to pay attention to what goes into our bodies and to seek foods grown or produced as close to the way God created and intended them to be consumed. For more information, request or download What Does the Bible Teach About Clean and Unclean Meats?.