In the News...Colleges Decline Disclosure

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In the News...Colleges Decline Disclosure

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Presidents of 46 liberal arts colleges have refused to participate in parts of the U.S. News & World Report annual survey of higher education institutions in the United States. They imply that the rankings are misleading to prospective students. While it seems to be a stand against the stressful college admissions process, columnist Robert Samuelson believes it is just the opposite. He contends that "the ranking tables also expose users to masses of objective, comparative information: SAT scores, acceptance rates, graduation rates, student-faculty ratios." While the report cannot give complete accuracy to readers, he doesn't feel that colleges will provide alternative, unbiased information to prospective students either. He concludes that students will learn "a life lesson in cynicism: how eminent authorities cloak their self-interest in high-sounding, deceptive rhetoric" ("Universities Teach Lesson in Cynicism," Investor's Business Daily, June 28, 2007).