In the News...Downside of Texting

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In the News...Downside of Texting

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Downside of Texting
Texting, the routine typed messages zipping between cell phones, has become the latest emblem of the teenage world. From Saudi Arabia to the Philippines to the United States, texting has gained popularity largely because it is secretive and provides a sense of group identity. However, some experts are worried that the shallowness of constant texting to the exclusion of face-to-face interaction or even phone conversation will cause developmental problems in young people.

Wireless companies are creating new packages for parents to purchase that allow unlimited text messaging in response to phone bills of epic proportions from their kids overusing the text feature. Parents are likewise having a hard time understanding this new standard of youth culture and its implications for the future (Margaret Pressler, "For Texting Teens … When the Phone Bill Arrives," Washington Post, May 20, 2007).

Given these concerns, instead of texting, be sure to also develop camaraderie through face-to-face conversation. This will help build stronger bonds of friendship as well as the use of language skills.

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