In the News...Endangered Bananas!

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In the News...Endangered Bananas!

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The Cavendish is the most popular commercial banana variety, according to an article by Mark Roth of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette ("Disease Threatens Appealing Banana: Killer Fungus Preys on U.S.'s Favorite Tropical Fruit," Dec. 16, 2005 ).

If it becomes infected by the Tropical Race 4, an entirely new variety of banana would need to be developed for the market, which would take considerable time to plant and introduce, resulting in a potential banana drought!

This circumstance occurred previously to the Gros Michel, which was the most commercially viable banana during the early 20th century. When it was struck by disease, an overhaul of production had to take place in the 1960s. The Cavendish saved production, but increased costs because its more delicate constitution required expensive shipping practices.

What can be learned from these foreboding banana prognostications?

God created plant life with incredible built-in genetic variety allowing new types to be developed. However, the more mankind relies on monoculture (the mass growing of single varieties for international markets) the tougher it becomes to avoid disasters like the Irish Potato Blight and the Big Banana Blot!

Is there a time when mankind will develop a more sustainable, family-oriented type of agriculture—benefiting the farmer and keeping people close to the land? For more information, learn about the coming Kingdom of God in your Bible and by requesting our free booklet on The Gospel of the Kingdom.