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In the News...Fashion Sensibility

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Famed clothing designer Liz Claiborne died recently and her legacy is a company that offered "attire that was feminine, affordable, easy to care for, and, most important, 'appropriate.'" Sadly the much of the fashion world has not embraced those ideas. Instead, lingerie stock now changes with the seasons because younger women are not embarrassed to wear inner-wear as outer-wear (Naomi Riley, "In the World of Women's Wear: Sense and Sensibility," The Wall Street Journal, July 6, 2007).

TV personality Stacy London, host of TLC network's What Not to Wear, has this to say about overexposing clothing trends: "You don't want to show too much skin at work—unless you're a lifeguard." She bewails the tendency of designers to produce clothes that are impossible to wear without exposing excessive quantities of skin, including mini and babydoll dresses. Likewise she tries to inform viewers that pajamas aren't appropriate outside of the house. Ms. London credits her father with instilling "a certain sense of propriety and right and wrong in me, which plays into my fashion sensibility" (ibid.).

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