In the News...Impaired Ethics

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In the News...Impaired Ethics

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The Josephson Institute recently surveyed a sample of nearly 30,000 high school students and found that 64 percent of students cheated on tests in the past year. In addition, 36 percent of students used Internet sources to plagiarize an assignment and 30 percent of students had stolen from a store.

Despite these warped behaviors, 93 percent of students felt satisfied with their personal ethics (David Crary, "Students Lie, Cheat, Steal, but Say They're Good," The Christian Post, Dec. 1, 2008).

Whoa! We have a problem here! Feeling okay about it does not make breaking God's commandments okay.

God's laws stand regardless of how people feel about them. Each of us will appear before the judgment seat of Christ to give account for what we have done (2 Corinthians 5:10). So what's the best course of action? Obey God's commandments and feel good about that!