In the News...Intelligent Design vs. Evolution, Next Round!

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In the News...Intelligent Design vs. Evolution, Next Round!

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The battle for the acknowledgement of truth is being fought in the courts of the United States. Evolution and intelligent design (the scientific study that supports the existence of a Being who created the universe) are the combatants in a battle for the hearts and minds of the American people, through the education of their children.

A recent ruling by a court on intelligent design occurred in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania . The Dover Area School District ran a six-week trial allowing a one-minute explanation of the concept of intelligent design to precede a unit covering evolution.

The U.S. Middle District Judge John Jones presided over the trial and determined that it was too religious and thus cancelled it. The major criticism was that such short explanations are overtly Christian and therefore unscientific (Bill Sulon and Adelle M. Banks, "Intelligent Design Is Too Religious for Schools, Judge Rules," Religion News Service , Dec. 21, 2005).

In Atlanta, Georgia, a sticker placed in biology textbooks reminds students that the theory of evolution is indeed a theory, not a fact as is being alleged in the courts. In a positive development for free thinking, Kansas state education officials have allowed the teaching of intelligent design in classrooms (Doug Gross, "Federal Judge Consider Evolution Stickers," Associated Press, Dec. 15, 2005).

The mere acknowledgement of intelligent design upsets many evolutionists, and they are fighting intelligent design not necessarily in the science laboratory or through scientific proof, but in the court systems where law-like educational regulations are determined by individual judges. For more information on this subject, request or download our free booklet Creation or Evolution: Does It Really Matter What You Believe?.