In the News...Movie Trend Changes Direction: Family Flicks Big Winners

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In the News...Movie Trend Changes Direction

Family Flicks Big Winners

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For years, moviemakers have been adding sex scenes, violence and profanity to their films just to get a coveted R rating, because G- and PG-rated films have not done as well financially at the box office in the past.

But now, the trend is reversing. According to USA Today, March 14, 2005, "For the first time in two decades, PG-rated films out-performed R-rated films in theaters, even though Hollywood cranks out many more [R-rated movies]."

In 2004, the 110 PG-rated films made that year earned a combined $2.3 billion at the box office, while the 540 R-rated films made earned $2.1 billion. John Fithian of the National Association of Theatre Owners said this is an indication of the growing strength of family filmgoers, who want movies everyone can enjoy.

Well, almost everyone, maybe. It seems most still prefer (or at least tolerate) "a little" of the more "adult-rated" content.

An additional 187 films rated the more moderately racy PG-13 earned as much as both of the other ratings combined, at $4.4 billion.

God's Word says we need to guard our minds and hearts against the corrupting influences all around us, and to think on those things that are true, honest, just, pure and good (Philippians 4:8). It seems more moviegoers are trying to apply this standard, at least to some degree, to their entertainment choices. How about you?