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In the News...Princesses Everywhere!

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A major trend in youth marketing is the popularity of princess—inspired merchandise. This is particularly reflected in the products licensed by Disney in their Disney Princess line of clothing for 3 to 5-year old girls.

As girls mature into their teens, the marketing includes Sweet 16 parties, migrating from the sweetness of youthful innocence to the sexually charged atmosphere of nightclub-like settings, pounding music and skimpy clothing (Suzanne Goldsmith-Hirsch, "The Princess Chronicles," Columbus Monthly, August 2008).

The marketing doesn't stop with teenagers. Using the color pink and fairy-tale weddings as a gateway, companies like Disney offer princess-like wedding packages and continue to make sales to "princess" consumers. Lingerie companies also have a stake in the princess identity, and the prevalence of pink in such stores suggests to some parents that what starts as innocent fun doesn't stay that way (Lyn Mikel Brown, "A Dissent," Columbus Monthly, August 2008).

God calls His people to be kings and priests or rulers and teachers in His Kingdom. The best way to be a princess is not to get drawn into a marketing ploy that creates an imaginary princess persona, but to follow God and one day become a part of His eternal, royal family.