In the News...Seal impression of King Zedekiah's official Found!

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In the News...Seal impression of King Zedekiah's official Found!

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A preserved clay seal impression, called a bulla, has been uncovered that was made from the seal of Gedalyahu ben Pashur, mentioned in Jeremiah 38:1. He was an official of ancient Judah's King Zedekiah (who reigned ca. 597 to 586 B.C.). The 2,600-year-old seal impression was found in southeast Jerusalem's City of David area in an archaeological dig directed by Professor Eilat Mazar.

The excavation has produced several significant finds. The most recent, the seal impression, was discovered at the bottom of an external wall believed to be a part of the palace of David, not far from another similar seal impression found three years ago. That one bore the name of Yehukhal ben Shelemyahu, another official of the reign of Zedekiah also mentioned in Jeremiah 38:1. Other similar seals and seal impressions were found in the early 1980s in a site not far away (Etgar Lefkovits, "Seal of King Zedekiah's Minister Found in J'lem Dig," The Jerusalem Post, July 31, 2008).

Such archaeological evidence adds to a more detailed understanding of the biblical account. They help confirm that the events of the Bible are true—that the people within its pages existed and did the deeds recorded there.

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