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In the News...Super (Un)natural

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Super (Un)natural
God expressly forbids witchcraft and worshipping or communicating with demons. But the popularity of television shows and children's fiction that feature main characters who are witches (or who are deeply involved in witchcraft) have brought emphasis to the idea of witchcraft as a religious alternative, especially for young people raised in nonreligious households.

According to research by the Barna Group, 7 million teens believe they have encountered an angel, demon or other supernatural being. Two million teens believe they have communicated with the dead, and one in 10 has participated in a séance.

One out of 12 has tried casting a spell or mixing a potion, 30 percent have had their palms read, 27 percent have had their fortunes told and 9 percent have consulted a psychic. Almost 2 million youth claim they have psychic powers.

The Barna Group research found that teens who were connected to the Christian faith tended to be least likely to explore witchcraft ("Teens and the Supernatural," Knowing the truth of the Bible regarding Satan, the demons and the sin that results from dabbling in witchcraft helps keep young people on the right path.

Just because it is popular with society by no means makes any activity, particularly a sinful one such as witchcraft, acceptable. As always, be on your guard for the wrong influence and actively seek God's truth. For more information, request or download Is There Really a Devil?