In the News...Trans-Fatty Acids on the Run

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In the News...Trans-Fatty Acids on the Run

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The New York City Board of Health has enabled the "Big Apple" to become the first U.S. city to ban this dangerous, artery-clogging additive. The result is that fast-food giants are making massive efforts to rid their products of trans-fatty acids.

Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation has announced that it will stop using partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, a primary source of trans-fatty acids, in some of its menu items. Wendy's restaurant has already made the switch, but McDonald's has yet to go through with its announced plan to remove the oil (David Caruso, "New York City Trans-Fat Ban Expected to Alter KFC Recipe," The Columbus Dispatch, Oct. 30, 2006).

God created many healthful foods for human beings, but attempts in the last century to improve on what is available in the natural world are beginning to show their inherent flaws. The more processing foods go through and the further they are taken from the state in which God created them, the worse they tend to be for human consumption.