Keys to Better Friendships

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Keys to Better Friendships

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DON'T: • Monopolize the conversation. Instead, take pauses in conversation; ask about the other person. • Try to impress. Your good qualities will reveal themselves all on their own. • Be overly critical. Share your opinion honestly, but with tenderness and discretion. • Focus on yourself. Wait to be discovered; spend time discovering the person you're with. • Overwhelm with attention. Start slow. Put out feelers and see if you get any nibbles. The most beautiful fish are often frightened by too much light! DO: • Reach out to others. Being too picky can leave one exquisitely discriminating and alone. • Listen. Seek to understand the other person; be sure your comments relate to what you've just heard. • Be other-minded. Use your empathy; that is, understand and feel from the person's perspective. Let your responses show this. "I bet that was scary." • Share your vulnerabilities. Being imperfect makes you more human, more accessible, less threatening. • Be complimentary. Don't overdo it, but when it's genuine, share your appreciation of her or him