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The Teacher

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What about a teacher who willingly gave up his life entirely for the good of his students? A few of us may have heard of someone like this, but it's rare.

Yet there was One who did just that—the best example in all history. He was Jesus Christ—the Son of God, Savior, Prince of Peace, Carpenter, Healer, soon-coming King and … Teacher.

Not only did He offer up His life in the greatest sacrifice, but He was a wonderful and skillful instructor. Jesus used a variety of techniques to reach His students, the disciples.

To illustrate the importance of His main subject, the Kingdom of God, He used stories called parables to reach the hearts and imaginations of His disciples—albeit, they didn't always catch on right away (see Matthew 13). He also took them on field trips to important locations that would underscore the meaning of His words (Matthew 16, 24; Mark 4-5).

Christ skillfully lectured to large audiences (and performed amazing miracles to heal and feed them, Luke 9:10-17), but He could also insightfully counsel on an individual basis (John 4). He even had a sense of humor, using hyperbole and exaggerated imagery to make a point (Matthew 7:1-6).

So what does this mean for us as students? It should help us see that both teacher and student must make great effort to achieve great learning! Understanding our instructors—the challenges they face and teaching techniques they employ—helps us receive a better education.