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No Junk in the DNA Encyclopedia

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A team of 442 scientists has, over the past 10 years, attempted to catalogue every nucleotide of the genome that has an actual function (nucleotides being base chemical compounds occurring in particular sequences along the DNA chain—effectively "letters" in the code). So far, 80 percent of the genome has been found to have a biochemical function.

Previously the other 20 percent was thought to be comparatively extraneous or "junk DNA." Now, however, scientists are rethinking that position. It appears that all DNA is functional in determining and directing the body's biochemical development and processes ("ENCODE: The Rough Guide to the Human Genome," With much more research to be done, it seems that DNA continues to be a deeply complex and interconnected language that influences the most basic functions of life.

As Creator of the universe, if God doesn't let even a sparrow fall to the ground unnoticed (see Matthew 10:29-30), then surely He designed the language of DNA with each detail intrinsic to the function of the whole. For more details check out "Hey, Hey, DNA! Proving God's Existence Genetically".