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Smartphones Keep You On Call

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The study, commissioned by Pixmania, a technology company in the UK, found that the average person with a smartphone or tablet works on it an extra two hours a day.

About 90 percent of workers have an e-mail-enabled phone and check it 20 times a day. Many felt they were on call nearly 24 hours a day—even waking up in the middle of the night to deal with work issues ("How Smartphones and Tablets Are Adding Two Hours to Our Working Day,", Oct. 30, 2012).

God instituted the seventh-day Sabbath from the beginning of creation. He commands us to take that day to rest from the constant flurry of work. People don't function perpetually without rest. God made us to need enough sleep at night to be at our best the next day, and likewise to rest on His Sabbath each week in order to recharge spiritually and physically.