Vertical News: Writing Considered 'Not Cool' by Boys?

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Writing Considered 'Not Cool' by Boys?

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An annual study from the National Literacy Trust in England found that from a pool of 35,000 participants, aged eight to sixteen, one third of boys rarely engage in creative writing outside of school assignments. 

Boys were also two times as likely as girls to dislike doing any writing. One out of five male participants felt that writing wasn’t cool and would be embarrassed to be caught writing. Girls, on the other hand, were more likely to consider writing a “cool” activity (Harry Burton, “Boys: Why Don’t You Write?” The Guardian at, November 21, 2013).

When we consider that the Bible was inspired to be written by many brilliant, godly men, this is a gloomy trend. The ability to write is a spectacular gift that men and women in ages past who suffered under the scourge of illiteracy would have cherished.

Writing is not a “gendered” activity—it is for both men and women. Indeed, it is an essential expression of who we are and what we believe!

Let’s hope this is a development that reverses course, quickly. Always remember, you have the power of choice, to turn a trend on its head and redirect your path and that of your friends! 

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