Why I Serve at United Youth Camps

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Why I Serve at United Youth Camps

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Each year around 400 staff positions at United Youth Camps are filled by volunteers, including many young adults. United Youth Camps owe them a debt of gratitude for their willing service. Here are a few responses from young adults to the question of why they take the time off from work or classes and volunteer their time to serve at camp.

The main reason I serve at camp is that I want our teens to see and begin to understand that God's Word and His way aren't just something to talk about at church. They're a way of life; they're how you do what you do all the other six days of the week as well. Having grown up in the Church myself, I know what it's like to be different from everyone else at school. But it's all worth it. The rewards of obedience to God's law are so much greater. If God can work through me to help even one camper inherit the desire to please Him, I'm ecstatic! -- Sara Hawk

Serving at United Youth Camps is such a blessing because I am able to facilitate the same fun, exhilarating and spiritually rewarding environment that benefited me so much as a camper just a few years ago. Camp is such a unique opportunity to escape the normal rigors of work and school and to make a difference in others’ lives. Camp also changes my life and helps me to further develop as a Christian. Going to camp is truly a highlight of my year and always leaves me wanting to return! -- Mark Croft

I volunteer to serve at camp because I want to “give something back.” I believe that attending as a camper in my teen years, seeing and experiencing that God’s way does work, was one of the factors that eventually led me to make the formal commitment to that way. My hope is that I can now be an example and a guide to the young people in the same way that the staff members were to me when I was a camper. The thought that my actions could have an effect on choices that campers make in the future makes serving an almost overwhelming responsibility, but my weeks on the camp staff have been among the most fulfilling of my life. -- Kevin Blackston

There are two major reasons why I serve at the youth camps. The first and most important reason is that I want to help the youth of God’s Church. I want to be there for them and help them learn—like my counselors did for me when I was a camper. I want to see them grow and learn and stay in God’s Church, and by serving at the camps I feel that I am helping them in some way. I enjoy seeing the younger people enjoying the way of life God wants us all to live and working to make it into “the Zone.” The second reason I serve at the youth camps is to meet new people and make new friends. It is so hard to find good, truthful friends and meet wonderful people like those at camp. Serving allows me to become a better person and friend. Serving also helps me stay close to God, and I feel that I am helping in some way with His master plan. -- Stella Helterbrand

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