Virtual Christian Magazine: April - May 2011

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  • by Dan McGee
Sometimes people attempt to change or force the future, when what they really need to do is study and wait.
  • by John Elliott
Becoming like little children is something that seems easy at first glance, but what does it really mean?
  • by Katherine Rowland
If we want to get a good view of ourselves, the only way to do it is through the illumination that God provides.
  • by Janet Treadway
“I walked a mile with Pleasure, she chatted all the way; but left me none the wiser, for all she had to say. I walked a mile with Sorrow and ne’er a word said she; but, oh, the things I learned from her when Sorrow walked with me!” —Robert Browning Hamilton
  • by Skip Miller
Today, the blessings that God promised to Abraham are being spiritually fulfilled in God’s Church, which is made up of those who are called and chosen by God and live according to His revealed way.
  • by Robert H Berendt
Attitudes come from the heart. God wants us to cultivate good attitudes and build His character. What happens when the pail we are carrying is bumped by the incidents of everyday life? Are Godly attitudes revealed?