Virtual Christian Magazine: March 2006

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In This Issue

  • by Graemme Marshall
Sports seem to bring out the highest aspirations and the worst attitudes. Here’s to sports, the Olympics and life.
  • by Don Hooser
Should religion make one more merciful or less merciful? By looking at the attitudes and actions of many religious people around the world, one would conclude less merciful!
  • by Janet Treadway
Depression runs rampant in our modern age, but ours is not the first generation to experience it. Turn to God and ask for His help. He is the greatest encourager of all time.
  • by Robert H Berendt
We are instructed in the Bible to pray to God in all circumstances, but do we pray with the attitude “Your will be done”? God desires our trust and faith in Him to guide our lives along the path He has chosen.