Virtual Christian Magazine: November 2005

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In This Issue

  • by Jim Anderson
Are rainbows just pretty reflections we see in the sky after it rains? Or is there something more to them? God’s creation holds many designs and messages.
  • by Colin Ogles
People all over the world save the seeds of their favorite fruits and vegetables. As important as this is, the role of spiritual seed savers is even more valuable.
  • by Amy Stephens
Friendships—how can we build better relationships? Having and being a friend is important to our lives. We learn and become better people because of our friendships.
  • by Jim Columbia
Boy Scouts of America was formed because of “one good turn.” If we all practiced the Golden Rule, what a wonderful world we would live in.
  • by Jonathan Westrick
None of us wants to fail and there are things we can do to defeat failure. Following these seven steps can lead you on your journey to success!