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Welcome to the New UCG Website

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The Internet team at the United Church of God is always looking for ways to improve our visitor’s experience. Over the past several months we’ve been very busy building something that we think you’ll love! We’re very happy to say the new UCG.org website is now available!

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  • mariam56
    Wow. As you well said, "no matter the kind of device one has..." and indeed! My 1903 laptop( and me, of course) is celebrating the more easy way to be in touch with the Truth! Thank God for your great job, thank you for your efforts! Many blessings in the Lord Jesus!
  • Clive
    The new website is slow and difficult to find the items being searched for.
  • John-A-Mcguire
    Only one of two: left hand MOVING facebook etc. when we have large fixed at bottom of screen. LH. runs with reading and I find very !!!!. Can we delete same or hide mode. Thank you. John McGuire. Brisbane AU
  • tld159
    New layout is great. Keep up the good work.
  • Douglas Cline
    I love the new layout and design. It is so much more functional, and has made it easier for me to navigate on my tablet. Thank you so much!
  • Ranul Pasan
    It's good to know website got updates. We truly love the courage of UCG spreading the word throughout the world. New website is easier to use with mobile devices since the update. I pray your work will get better and you will be able spread the word for free. God bless you.
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