A Pan-German Plan

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A Pan-German Plan

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Who or what nation may be behind this major alteration of the political map? Why should the national boundaries of Europe have to be altered?

Back in 1995 former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl referred to a region of England by the ancient name of Mercia. This caused an uproar and a major debate in the British House of Lords. Some members of the House understood what was meant—Mercia might become a province of a United States of Europe.

The Sept. 3 Sunday Telegraph feature article pinpointed Germany as the principal country pushing what one observer called a "conspiracy of cartographers."

It noted that "the Conservative Party [in Britain] fears that the Germans, who are among the most vocal supporters of transnationality, will use it as a tool to dismantle the nation states by strengthening and enhancing the regional templates when they [the Germans] take over the EU presidency next year [2007]." It has been viewed as "the first step of a Berlin-inspired masterplan."
Last June, German Federal cabinet minister Wolfgang Tiefensee stated:
"Even if scepticism about Europe is sometimes widespread and the work on
a constitution for Europe needs to regain momentum, there is the great hope
underlying the goal of a United Europe that we can permanently overcome old
borders" (Sunday Express, Sept. 3)

This insightful piece added that "transnational regions are key to Germany's
masterplan for its six-month EU presidency starting next May. It wants to forward
a 'territorial agenda framework' to extend transnationality and facilitate
transEuropean territorial integrity." WNP