In Brief... One Dreadful Week in America

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In Brief... One Dreadful Week in America

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Ted Anthony of the Associated Press described several tragic events in the United States in one week. He lamented: "Ugly things. Violent things. Elemental things. The forces of nature and human anger unleashed in concentrated form across the land. Water and fire, gun and sky, bringing destruction, death and misery. And tears" (Washington, Feb. 10, 2008).

It could be argued by secular observers that there is nothing at all we can do about destructive, death-dealing tornadoes (killing 59 in the South), but most disturbing of all is human anger completely out of control. Five dead in Los Angeles, six murdered in Missouri, five women killed in Chicago, three people gunned down in Louisiana. An unbelievable carnage occurring in one week, followed about a week later by 18 hurt and four killed at an Illinois University shooting.

Violence filled the earth before the time of Noah's Flood (Genesis 6:11). Jesus Christ clearly stated that conditions prior to His second coming would be like those before the great Flood of Noah's time. It is a sobering parallel and the overall principle certainly applies. See our free booklet Are We Living in the Time of the End?