In Brief... World News Review: Government in turmoil

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In Brief... World News Review

Government in turmoil

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On a related topic, fractures within the ever-contentious Knesset threaten to bring down the Sharon government over its policy on settlements in the Gaza strip. Three government ministers, including former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, are threatening to resign.

Ironically, Prime Minister Sharon initially helped lead the way for Israelis to settle in this mostly Palestinian territory on the Egyptian border. Now he is trying to lead the way for the dismantling of the Israeli towns there in his pursuit of peace with the Palestinians.

Jewish settlers are angry with Mr. Sharon for this turnabout in policy. Many of them paid with blood in battles with Palestinian militias that tried to force them out. Now it seems to them that their government is abandoning them.

Of course, Mr. Sharon's objective is to find a way for Jews and Palestinians to live together in harmony. But hatred runs too deep for peace to take root.

Israel will again be a Holy Land, but only after Christ returns and establishes a new government in Jerusalem.