In Brief... World News Review Sino-Russian Alliance

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In Brief... World News Review Sino-Russian Alliance

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Stratfor’s organizing theme for its 1999 Annual Forecast is found in the title: “A New and Dangerous World.” That concept remains valid and the fundamental trends identified within that theme remain intact. The most important trend identified in that forecast was: “Russia and China will be moving into a closer, primarily anti-American alliance in 1999.” That process is well under way and is also intensifying. A Sino-Russian alliance has not yet fully taken shape. Nevertheless, matters are rapidly moving in that direction. Therefore, it is Stratfor’s view that the single most important global theme of the third quarter of 1999 will be fairly quiet, yet intense, diplomacy between Russia and China as they explore the precise meaning and implementation of their strategic relationship (Stratfor’s Third Quarter Forecast, June 27, 1999)

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