In Brief...World News Review: Casualties Mount in God's Creation

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In Brief...World News Review

Casualties Mount in God's Creation

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Man is wiping out his surroundings. A third of the natural world has been lost in the last 25 years. Ecologists call our present assault on the environment "the biggest extinction since the dinosaurs." This is the legacy of our present generation.

More specifically, the rain forests in South America have declined from 3.4 million square miles in 1970 to 2.7 square miles today. Also just half of the original Florida Everglades are left. And the disturbing hole in the ozone layer above the Antarctic was the biggest on record in September.

Moving on to the animal world, black rhinos in Africa have fallen from 95 per cent since 1970 to a low figure of 2,500. Red squirrels could vanish from England in twelve years. In the Atlantic, the bluefin tuna has declined by 90 per cent since 1975.

These few examples form the proverbial tip of the iceberg. God has given sufficient specific laws for the protection of planet earth's environment to establish the proper principles of stewardship that should rightly govern mankind's ecological activities. Especially during the 20th century, man has failed miserably to respect his environment.

God is justly concerned about man's treatment of His marvellous creation. Beyond the normal payback from the earth's ecological systems, God promises that He will "destroy them which destroy the earth" (Revelation 11:18, KJV) at the Second Coming of Christ (verses 15-17). ( The Independent (London), October 2, 1998; The Daily Mail (London), October 2, 1998.)

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