In Brief...World News Review: Largest Food Airlift in History

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In Brief...World News Review

Largest Food Airlift in History

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Operation Life Sudan is being mounted to save the starving. It will provide some 15,000 tons of food per month. But observers fear it will not be enough as varying estimates say that from one to two million or more Southern Sudanese are threatened with starvation after 15 years of civil war.

Many thousands have already died. The World Food Program estimates that 1.2 million are in serious danger of starving-four times the figure proffered just two months ago. Sheer size and difficult climactic factors (swampland) seriously hamper aid-transport efforts to the afflicted area.

Yet the war between the predominantly Muslim North and the mainly non-Muslim South drags on. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are already riding in microcosm in some areas of the earth. Famine usually follows war. Los Angeles Times, July 13; The Express July 31.