In Brief...World News Review: Quake Connection

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In Brief...World News Review

Quake Connection

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Scientists say there may be a link between earthquakes and volcanoes. Historical records appear to show that large earthquakes can trigger volcanic eruptions. Alan Linde and Selwyn Sacks of the Carnegie Institution in Washington studied records dating back 1,500 years and found a statistical link between the two. It is suspected that earthquakes may cause bubbles in the molten rock under the earth's surface, increasing the pressure that leads to an eruption. Bill Menk of Columbia University says, "A volcanic eruption is about 8 times as likely on a day of a big earthquake as compared to any other day."

In Canada, an expert says southern Ontario is not doing enough to guard against earthquakes. A University of Toronto seismologist says there is a good chance the Toronto region will be hit by a strong quake sometime in the future. Since the region is unprepared, the damage could be very heavy.

One of the signs all of the end time that Jesus gave in the Olivet prophecy had to do with weather upheaval, including earthquakes in different places. Something to consider: is it possible that an earthquake in the Pacific Ocean could cause a tidal wave-known as a Tsunami-at the same time as Mount St. Helens or Mount Ranier explode in a volcanic eruption? Seismologists and scientists in both Seattle, Washington, and Victoria, British Columbia, have already warned of just such a possibility. (Associated Press and Canadian Press)