Restoration: Another Brick in a New World

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Another Brick in a New World

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I wonder when filmmakers will take a bold step away from sex and finally tell a story without major emphasis on the sexual preferences of the main characters. Maybe not in my lifetime, but I can always hope.

I just returned from seeing the latest "blockbuster" movie of the season, Alexander. It is the story of the fourth century B.C. colossus, Alexander the Great, which opened during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. (See World News and Prophecy, November 2004, "The Man Who Would Be God.") If I were a film critic, I would have to give this movie a thumbs-down because of one major thematic element.

Alexander's bisexual nature is given more emphasis in this film than it deserves by any credible standard. Alexander changed his world and future generations when he took his army east against the Persians and conquered everything in his path until he came to the Indus River in India and was forced to turn back when his troops would go no further. In 11 years he turned his world upside down in his effort to unite the peoples of Europe and Asia.

He was a study in contrasts. Ambitious, driven and bold, he was benevolent to those who showed deference to his power and vengeful to any who dared challenge or stand in his way. In the end he died from years of warring, alcohol and, some say, the absence of worlds to conquer.

Alexander did great things and is a fascinating figure to study. He was successful for many reasons, but his sexuality was not one of them. Unfortunately, the makers of this film chose to spend much time on this while omitting whole chapters of his story, all far more interesting and vital to understanding the man and his deeds.

Today America is in the midst of a struggle over legitimization of marriage between gay couples. During the past election there were several initiatives on the ballot attempting to deal with this divisive issue.

Many conservative religious groups are pushing for a constitutional amendment defining marriage as an institution between a man and a woman. Such an amendment would take years of debate to ever come into existence. The result would likely be further polarization of a culturally diverse population in America. History proves that morality cannot be legislated.

We are watching a relentless erosion of traditional marriage as defined by religion and the state. The attempt to legally recognize the union of gay couples is a defining issue of our day. It is an attempt to put heterosexual and homosexual unions on equal par, and an attempt to legitimize the gay lifestyle.

Of course marriage is under attack from other elements as well. Divorce continues to be a major social problem. Today more and more people are opting for living together without the commitment of a marriage vow. We are experiencing the breakdown of the fabric of an ordered, stable society. In time we will reap the whirlwind of disintegration of our world as we know it. Bible prophecy shows this to be true.

This cinematic portrayal of Alexander's homosexuality is another brick in the wall of cultural division in America. This wall will take many more turns until those who seek a new social structure construct a completely new house.

The biblical definition of marriage is under attack, and it appears that only the intervention of the very author of marriage, God Himself, can restore the proper relationships intended for humanity. It is one more reason Jesus Christ must intervene to restore all things. WNP

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