Restoration... Will We Heed the Warning?

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Restoration... Will We Heed the Warning?

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President George W. Bush continues to sound an alarm that America and the West face "a grave danger" from terrorists spread throughout the world intent on destroying the freedoms and liberties of America, Britain and other countries. With him stands British Prime Minister Tony Blair. These two statesmen stand like sentinels on the wall warning their cities' inhabitants of approaching danger.

What do they see that most other leaders don't? Why are they moved with such a sense of urgency? Most importantly, will their warning be enough to forestall further catastrophe?

As managing editor of World News and Prophecy, I am sometimes struck by the themes that appear in our articles. Our writers live and work in scattered locations and we don't always communicate every article idea to each other. But sometimes the articles arrive in my computer carrying a common thread or thought. This issue is one of those times.

The dominant news today is the war in Iraq and the efforts to fight a global war on terror. Our writers have a main purpose to put these and other news events into the context of Bible prophecy and the entire Word of God. We want our readers to have the larger understanding of what the Holy Scriptures say about the events shaping our times. In this issue we have addressed the gathering threat to American and British peoples from four different angles. We are giving you a vision that not even President Bush and Prime Minister Blair have seen.

God told the biblical prophet Ezekiel that He would make him a watchman upon the ramparts of Israel to give warning of approaching danger. "So you, son of man: I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore you shall hear a word from My mouth and warn them for Me" (Ezekiel 33:7). The prophet heard the word from God and gave it on His behalf. That made it a tough and unpopular task. Telling people their sins and warning them of the dire consequences if they do not change is never popular. People do not like to hear that message.

Today our peoples do not even want to hear the disconcerting message that terrorists and their sympathizers wish us harm and will stop at nothing to defeat us. For many the war on terror is not real. People are stumbling and falling over themselves to buy the latest toy or gadget at the department stores in this holiday season. We are oblivious to the dangers from without and within.

Like the prophets God sent to Israel, we who write for this publication do not look to humans for the ultimate solutions to the world's problems. We know the promises of a perfect world, the Kingdom of God, will not be created by any form of human government. They are the sure promises of hope, the only real hope this world has. But the peoples of the earth will have to await the return of Christ to see their fulfillment in any lasting form.

As you read this issue, think about the need for the Kingdom of God. Think about the warnings coming with each speech by President Bush and Prime Minister Blair. Be glad they have the political courage to sound an alarm. But most of all, be thankful for the promise that Jesus Christ will return to restore all things (Acts 3:18-21). That promise and hope is the only sure light that will lead us through the spiritual darkness today and into the peace of the Kingdom of God. —WNP