Restoration: Filling the Gap

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Restoration Filling the Gap

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Events are taking place every day that are changing the shape of the world we have come to know. North Korea explodes a nuclear bomb. Russia makes a comeback as a world power. And terrorism in the Middle East pushes that region closer to a conflagration that threatens to drag the world into a final conflict. How do you understand what is happening and what it means for your future?

World News and Prophecy has a mission to help you understand the meaning of world events in the light of Christ's statement in Matthew 24:3. There Christ answered His disciples' question, "Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?" Through commentary and analysis of selected world news topics, we strive to do this. But this publication only comes out monthly, and we realize there is a need to keep current on world events to help you understand the major trends.

Two years ago we started an online site,, to help fill that gap. On that site you will find links to a continually updated news source. You will also find a blog, short for web log, which is a brief commentary on events with links to news items and commentary. We also have a podcast, an easily downloaded MP3 file that you can listen to on your computer or a portable player, such as an iPod.

We are working to keep both these features current, informative and helpful for you. For those of you familiar with what is called an RSS feed, you can have both of these features automatically updated on your computer through your browser. Otherwise, you can read and listen by going to the Web site.

Four months ago we started a regular e-newsletter for our readers. This e-newsletter is sent directly to your e-mail inbox. It contains commentary on a current event with helpful links to past articles in World News and Prophecy, in-depth booklets and other sister publications. It is a helpful, useful e-newsletter. You can sign up at

Our site also has videos of prophetic topics presented by writers for World News and Prophecy. Throughout the year we give seminars in various cities, and you can have the benefit of watching these with a broadband connection. You'll find them under the tab labeled "videos."

Why not bookmark this site and make it your homepage on your browser? That way you will keep current with what we are producing and will not miss any information. You need the perspective offered by our commentary to stay grounded in a biblical worldview. World News and Prophecy is your source for that understanding. WNP