The Prophetic Rise and Fall of Nations

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The Prophetic Rise and Fall of Nations

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Where will the future world order be shaped? In Washington, Beijing or Moscow? Believe it or not, your Bible tells us the outline of the future world has already been formed. It is just around the corner, and it will transform our present world.

Analysts look at today's nations and conclude America is the predominant global power and will be for years to come. They see China rising and flexing its muscles. Some even look at Russia and fear its ambitions could significantly alter the world scene. But all scenarios but one omit two developments that will change everything.

The current issue of World News and Prophecy contains my article "Will the Special Relationship Survive?" The article covers a key theme of this publication, that is, the special prophetic role America and Great Britain have played in world affairs during the past two and a half centuries and will play in the future. It shows how both nations have fulfilled the prophecy in Genesis 49:22. "Joseph is a fruitful bough, a fruitful bough by a well; his branches run over the wall."

America is the lone superpower in today's world. It fits this description in every major category. What it says and does matters in the affairs of many nations. But this could change. As we continue to point out, the fortunes of both America and Great Britain could change overnight. Bible prophecy indicates this will happen. When it does, the world will be a far different place than it is now.

The second development so often misunderstood is the future role of Europe. Many brush aside Europe as a future superpower. They do this by looking only at current trends and issues and ignoring the lesson of history and Bible prophecy. In World News and Prophecy we do neither. We understand that Europe will play a key role in future world affairs. You will need to add Brussels, or another European capital like Berlin, to the list of cities shaping the future world.

Atheism and witchcraft

Part of the reason America and Britain will see their preeminent positions altered by God's hand is described in Jeremiah 2:13 where it says, "For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, and hewn themselves cisterns—broken cisterns that can hold no water." America is a professing religious nation, but its peoples are far from, and do not know, the true God revealed in the Bible.

I see proof of this when I look at the best-selling book lists and see that they are dominated by several books dealing with atheism and witchcraft. Books such as The God Delusion and God Is Not Great represent a resurgent attack on religion and specifically on belief in God. The last installment of the Harry Potter series came out last month and immediately shot to the top of the fiction list, while creating a buzz in the popular culture. These themes of witchcraft and atheism are more interesting to the masses than knowing the true God and His plan and purpose for mankind.

God will bring judgment upon our peoples for these and other sins. It is futile to justify or find excuse for these products and the empty popular culture that sustains their popularity. People today are distracted by trivia and are not interested in seeing the larger world and coming to understand why this world suffers the problems it does.

How about you? Are you fully engaged and seeking the knowledge that can turn your life around and put it on the track toward God's Kingdom? Your subscription to this letter and World News and Prophecy indicates you are seeking. Each issue of our magazine aims to give the meaning behind today's news in the light of the Bible and prophecy. You will find that what we write supplies a dimension of understanding to news that is sorely lacking today.

Keep watching.