Why Do We Need Weed?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 (All day)

Voters in Colorado and Washington state approved the legalization of the possession and sale of marijuana for recreational use. What is missing in life that drives people to abuse drugs?

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[Gary Petty] During the latest rounds of political elections, a number of states voted to legalize marijuana. Of course this is a great concern for a lot of people—the legalization of a drug that has been proven to be very detrimental to people.

The real question is why are we a nation that needs so much to rely on drugs?

What is it that we're trying to escape from—whether it's marijuana or alcohol abuse or abuse of illegal drugs or even abuse of legal drugs that people get through prescriptions?

Why are we a nation that's trying to hide something that's happening inside of us?

Well, the reality is what we're trying to deal with, that emptiness, that ache, that angst, that anxiety is really an issue between us and God and us and other people. The reason we use drugs is to cover up the fact that inside every one of us is a deep seeded need for a personal relationship with our Creator.

The more we run from that, the more we try to hide from that, the more we try to find that answer in whatever it is, whether it's drugs or money or illicit sex. In the end we end up still empty, still searching.

God wants to heal your life. God wants to change who you are. God wants to fill that hole.

Turn to God. Pick up your Bible. Get on your knees and ask God to come into your life to help you understand and to lead you to where He wants you to go.

You will find you won't have a need any longer for those things. It's going to take some work. It's going to take a lot of work. It's going to be painful, but in the end you will be a child of God.

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linda effenberger

linda effenberger's picture

Another great BT Daily. A plain, but direct answer to why people need drugs or even involve themselves in activities of pleasure. They are trying to hide from God. Just like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.


Trevonica's picture

Indeed the world seems lost in in dispair. And instead of reaching out to our Father - they resort to desperate, dangerous and damaging escape routes. But can they actually turn away from their ways and go to God? Or do they need to be called in order for this to happen?(John 6:44).


KARS's picture

Hi Trevonica,

Here is your quote:
"But can they actually turn away from their ways and go to God? Or do they need to be called in order for this to happen?(John 6:44)."

The answer is that I have seen those that have turned themselves around through the 12 step program and a missioned teaching them about the Bible. This helped these folks.

However, John 6:44 refers to the calling out those the Father is calling but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are chosen for the Kingdom of God. For many are called and few are chosen.


dust_i_am's picture

What about the states where marijuana is legal for medicinal (as opposed to recreational) uses?

How should we answer people who say they use pot for relief of pain?


st's picture

Cool video. I smoked a lot of cannabis and thought it helped me, so I have been in the faith of God for many years too. But I look at Cannabis today, be an illusion, then I believe that God has healed me from dependence on cannabis. So this is just to turn up to God and live with him, instead of living with the illusion that cannabis did.

david r. lessard

david r. lessard's picture

This will only add to the mass of men and women that escape reality to wallow in self-deception as they now do with other dugs (alcohol, presciption med.'s, etc.)
We all need to pray as a nation to thwart such a legalism for all, from one country to another.


bb1990's picture

I agree with all, except the ending. This is just my opinion from what the Lord has shown me personally, but I feel we are all children of God no matter the mistakes or choices. He loves none of us less than another. It's just a matter of learning His love.


Vivian's picture

I don't dispute what you say, but I have a different viepoint that is eqully valid in my relatively Godless world. I work as a psychotherapist, teacher, writer and artist. In my work I deal with many dysfunctional married couples who think they are normal. Many claim to have a belief in God, but it seems to be a very tenuous connection in most cases. I note that they all have addictions, obsessions diversions that enable them to cope with unsatisfying lives and marriages. In some cases the obsessive and fanatical belief in God can be a critical issue. Many women do not realise that to attack a man with God will result in him defending himself against her and God and the mighty host of angels. In analysis using art based therapy I discover that in every case they are seeking love in a very specific form. They each all have their own special definition of what love is. The fact is that we all of seek to love, be loved and feel loved, but very few of us are being truly loving. We may be loving as we judge loving to be, but that does not mean our spouse will see our actions as loving. Consequently and in answer to your question, why to people need drugs and all the other addictions and obsessions, these are all substitutes for love. God is love and truth, but the problem is that we each of us have our own special perception of what love is. After infatuation we may discover that our lover has a very different perception of love. Most typically a woman uses sex to catch her man and then thinks she can change him into a clone of herself. The result is marital mayhem and divorce. The stress of credit card debt is an increasingly critical issue. We can share with each other our desires and perception of love and how to be loving, but that does not ensure that we can fullfill our spouses expectations. Now that woman are becoming ever more powerful, they may find that sex is both pleasurable but disconcerting as they sense a loss of power during coitus. They then have to create confrontation and mayhem in order to restore their sense of control and power. Consequently for many men it is simpler to find a satisfying substitute and wait for death to release them from their povery of pleasure and loss of hopes and dreams of a loving playmate.


Nelson's picture

Away from God, away from life!

the simplistic1

the simplistic1's picture

Marijuana should be the least of our concern when in comparison to a lot of the poison the FDA distributes to people. Alcohol is legal and is a lot more detrimental to our society than Marijuana.


Swanepoel's picture

I used cannabis a long time in an attempt to control my clinical depression. it helped to some extend and actually drew me closer to God.

I think that the use of cannabis in a CONTROLLED environment (and under the supervision of a psychiatrist) can have advantages. However, self-medication should be avoided.

Legalization of cannabis for recreational use is not a good idea, but the medical use of it should be legalized.

Please refer to the following three links:

**Link removed to comply with comment policy**

This link shows the benefits and dangers – due to the dangers it should not be used recreationally.

See also:

**Links removed to comply with comment policy**

Ivan Veller

Ivan Veller's picture

Hello Swanepoel,

For those you may know who are dealing with similar challenges, the following resources are available:

• Depression—Ways to Win the Battle: http://www.gnmagazine.org/issues/gn17/depression.htm
• Godly People Can Also Suffer From Depression: http://www.ucg.org/christian-living/godly-people-can-also-suffer-depression/
• The Dark Cloud of Depression: http://www.ucg.org/beyond-today-program/christian-living/dark-cloud-depression
• The Bible’s Keys to Mental Health: http://www.ucg.org/christian-living/bibles-keys-mental-health/
• Seeking Help From God: http://www.ucg.org/christian-living/seeking-help-god/

For related articles, see: http://breakingfree.ucg.org/category/topics/mental-disorders

Ivan Veller

Ivan Veller's picture

Focusing only on alcoholism here:

"Alcoholism results in the deaths of over 100,000 people a year in the United States alone. Alcohol is also involved in 30% of suicides, 55% of auto fatalities, 65% of deaths by drowning and a staggering 85% of domestic violence. Direct and indirect costs of alcohol abuse are estimated at well over a billion dollars a year. Half of this figure is paid by industry in lost time, health and welfare benefits, property damage, medical expenses, and overhead costs of insurance and lost wages...There is no way to put a dollar figure on the emotional agony suffered by alcoholics and those whom they affect."

Here are some resources we offer on this topic: http://breakingfree.ucg.org/category/topics/alcoholism


EcoMom87's picture

I have chronic abdominal pain caused by IBS, Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and nerve/muscle pain from two c-sections. Because of this, I have to take narcotic pain medication during a "flare up". The pain relief and other positive effects are almost identical to those found in marijuana, but narcotics such as hydrocodone and similar prescriptions, though effective, have undesirable side-effects that are not present in marijuana.

It doesn't have to be smoked, so that removes a majority of complaints against it.

Unfortunately, I cann't take it as it is still illegal in Oklahoma.

I agree that drug abuse is bad, but to give a blanket "NO" to something that is a naturally occuring herb like many other medicinal plants is absolutely ridiculous and arrogant.
Any substance on this planet can be abused, that doesn't mean it is a sin. Many abuse coffee, is caffeine a sin? NO. Many abuse alcohol, is drinking a sin? NO. I could go on and on, but take a step back and look at the bigger picture, not cultural bias. You (that goes for everyone that reads this) don't know every person's situation, so don't judge, it's not your place anyway!!!


EcoMom87's picture

I've been meditating on the topic, I'm starting to see where it can be dangerous more than beneficial, the same with narcotics. Though, all the arguments against it are in regards to "smoking" it.
I still feel, if eaten (such as the pain relieving qualities cooked into real sweat cream butter) that it is still safer than a narcotic.
I don't think it should be for recreational use. God praises wine and merry-making in moderation, so I feel that wine is a good product to stick with.

Obviously, I'm still not using marijuana as it's illegal.

Sabrina Peabody

Sabrina Peabody's picture

Hi EcoMom87,
I am so sorry to hear of all the issues that you have and can sincerely sympathize with your pain. I agree with your second comment that it can be more dangerous than beneficial. I think it is important to be cautious how you treat your body and even how you deal with pain. Often times I have seen people try to find the way to releive the pain rather than adjusting the way they live their life by changing the things they eat or reducing stress. Making such changes takes greater strength.

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