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Featured Wednesday, October 22 2014

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As a Christian, one who is dedicated to following Jesus Christ, I want to observe, do...

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uneven steps in the woods
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sunrise over a mountain
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A blog post by Janet Treadway

On a visit to my favorite second hand store recently, I started talking with one of the clerks. She is always so friendly and upbeat. This trip was different, though. I knew she was waiting for tests to come back to see if her brain cancer had returned, so I asked if she had received the results back from the test. Still smiling, while taking a big swallow, she informed me that the cancer was back. She had decided to not do treatment. My heart ached for her. She proceeded to wait on her customers with that same friendly voice as if nothing was different. 

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world war one trenches
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Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

Latest Comments

LynneW said...

I am waiting, which at times it becomes very hard

rwp_47 said...

"Love my Faith" ... hi

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your loss and the continuing pain its causing you. There are some losses that I guess we never really get over ... we carry them always (at least until we experience the joy of our resurrection). In one respect though it sounds like you were very fortunate...

Heather Disher said...

Dear Lonely,
I am so sorry that you are enduring so much. I will certainly pray for you, that God will send you comfort and a friend.

MaryL said...

Dear Dara:

I signed up for this site, just so I could answer you. God bless you! You are a strong, loving, caring woman. I learned from you. So, I know that the answers you seek are already written by God on your heart. Your meek, loving, worry would touch the heart of any human, it must touch God's own heart....

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