Day of Atonement - Part 2

Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 12:01am

The removal of Satan, pictured by the Day of Atonement, will mark the beginning of a new relationship with God for all mankind...truly being at one.

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[Darris McNeely] We've had several episodes on BT Daily here talking about the Day of Atonement, one of God's Festivals that is coming up and will be upon us here this coming Saturday. The Day of Atonement is one of the most impressive of all of the Festivals of God because it pictures, as we've covered in previous ones, the removal of Satan: the god of this world, the great serpent that Revelation 12 says that deceived the nations and all of the world. The symbolic meaning of this Day of Atonement from both the Old Testament and the fulfillment of it as prophecy in the New Testament shows us points to this one great fact of the source of evil in all of this world today and in the past finally being removed and being placed upon the head of Satan.

[Steve Myers] Revelation 20 puts it this way in verse 3, it says, verse 2: "This angel comes and lays hold of the dragon." And it tells us who that is. It says, "Who is the devil and Satan and bound him for a thousand years and cast him into a bottomless pit and shut him up and put a seal on him" (Revelation:20:2-3). So ultimately the Day of Atonement is pointing to this event where Satan will be put away. And it doesn't short change the fact that he has deceived the whole world. Not just a few people, but the whole world. And ultimately the time is coming when he will be put away.

[Darris McNeely] This one event Steve just read from Revelation chapter 20 is the one event that must happen before there can be an understanding of all peoples and truly people becoming at one, which the Day of Atonement or the word atonement means to become at one, in this case, with God. When the source of spiritual deception is removed from all of mankind, then atonement can take place. And God then can begin the reign of peace that the scriptures point to of the time of Jesus Christ on this earth and His Kingdom, the Kingdom of God ruling over the nations. The time to look forward to. It's an important festival. It's an important key to understand our world and the future.

[Steve Myers] That's BT Daily . We'll see you next time. 

Darla Moody

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Wow! You guys are making want to eat! I think I'll go have a snack! :D


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Shalom and shalom. A very blessed Yom Kippur to all--praise Yahweh and his Holy Son Yeshua Messiah!! Amen and amen.

Lev:16:29 “This is to be a perpetual statute for you.47 In the seventh month, on the tenth day of the month, you must humble yourselves48 and do no work of any kind,49 both the native citizen and the foreigner who resides50 in your midst, 16:30 for on this day atonement is to be made for you to cleanse you from all your sins; you must be clean before the Lord.51 16:31 It is to be a Sabbath of complete rest for you, and you must humble yourselves.52 It is a perpetual statute.53


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I'm glad for Christ atonement for my sins and appreciate God's plan for me and all of mankind. I cannot show appreciation enough except as to try and live my life in an humble attitude in obedience to God The Father instructions in HIs WORD, The Bible, to the best of my understanding and continue to grow spiritually and hope that God will continue to apply HIs Grace towards me and continue to be patient with me. A I grow and my attitude continues to change toward Gods way of life (in favor), I depend on HIs Guidance(word) and I appreciate the kindness He has shown toward me in that while I was still a sinner, Christ atoning sacrifice was made for me.

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