Faith Alone?

Thursday, February 21, 2013 (All day)

You can not earn salvation. But does faith abolish God's law?

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[Steve Myers] Romans chapter 3 is an amazing section of scripture. It points out so clearly that no amount of law keeping can justify you. No amount of law keeping can make you right with God. No amount of law keeping can forgive your sins, and Romans 3 continually states that over and over and over again all the way to the point of verse 28, which is an amazing passage. And it says there, "We conclude that a man is justified by faith apart from the deeds of the law" (Romans:3:28).

Now it's interesting if you read that in German, there would be an extra word that's inserted there and it's the word "alone". Martin Luther felt so strongly about this he added to scripture and said, "By faith alone." Now is that right? Does that mean, "Well, we can forget keeping the Sabbath. We can forget God's commandments. We can forget all of that because none of that justifies us"? Wait a second. If you were to keep reading, get down to verse 31.

Verse 31 says this, "Do we then make void the law through faith?" (Romans:3:28-31) Do we cancel the law? Do we annul the law? Do we do away with the law? That's what that word void means, to do away with the law, to abolish the law because of faith. Is that what we do? Here's what Paul says, "Certainly not." He says, "On the contrary we establish the law."

So we see that through faith we make firm. We have a foundation. We make sure the law is the authority. We maintain the law. That word "establish" means we make it stand. So the amazing part through Romans chapter 3 is the fact that faith and law go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other. So always remember, when you read through scripture take in the entire context and that way we can certainly have a balanced approach to the truth of God.

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Absolutely Bro. Myers..always know the context. I have argued these points more than once and my final argument is always " if we admit to loving Christ Yeshua then we have no other choice but to keep His commandments " and this means all of them. But of course we are flesh and it is very difficult sometimes; eg. I just dont want to go to meeting this Sabbath...and other ones. However, we know that we are covered by Yeshua's Holy blood! Praise and thanks be to Father Yahweh! Amen & amen.


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Faith, grace AND good works will surely save us. (see Luke:6:46)

linda effenberger

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We are saved through the life of Christ Jesus in us. We ourselves can do nothing to "earn" salvation. It is a free gift from God. The good works that are done through us is done by the Spirit of Jesus that lives in us. They are not our works; they are the righteousness of Jesus Christ working in us and through us. He is to be praised for the good works. God alone is good.

We will be rewarded according to the good works that were done through us. It is a matter of submission to God. Have we truly given our life over to God for him to use for his purposes in this life? Are we a walking billboard in this life for God, for Jesus Christ, our Lord? In other words, do we let the light of Jesus Christ shine in and through our life? We will be known by our works (fruit), if they are from God or from the devil. Satan shines also like the light of the world, but his "good" will not be accepted by God, therefore, those who think they are doing God's good works are deceived and do the good that comes from the devil's work. Luke 6, 46 will be the outcome of those who have not done the work of God.


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If we keep the Passover and The Days of Unleavened Bread, that should teach us that belief in Jesus Christ's Death, symbolized by the Passover, is good and one thing, but the Holy Day that follows reminds us that we must also have obedience to the law and master our sins(symbolized by flat unleaven bread). The idea of Faith alone and belief is just half the picture.

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